Chapter 1 Section 15

  適應性疾患  Adjustment Disorders


Downsizing and Layoffs

  • 網站建置者: Yahoo! Inc.
  • Current news clippings about downsizing and layoffs.

Family Matters: Managing the Stress of Moving

  • 網站建置者: Steve Duncan, University of Montana-Bozeman Extension Service.
  • Brief article about helping family members to manage moving.

Four Dozen Ways to Stay Unemployed

  • 網站建置者: Unknown.
  • Lists the reasons most commonly cited by employers for turning down job applicants. This could be helpful in counseling unemployed clients.

HealthCentral: Adjustment Disorders

  • 網站建置者:
  • Brief article about diagnostic criteria, treatment approaches, and expected prognosis.

How to Survive Unbearable Stress

  • 網站建置者: Thomas Sweet.
  • A Web book by Steven Burns, M.D., describing what stress is and how to cope with it.
  • Simple to read, with concrete and highly useful ideas on reducing stress and its effects on health.

North American Menopause Society

  • 網站建置者: North American Menopause Society, a scientific organization promoting the understanding of menopause.
  • FAQs about menopause.
  • Abstracts of relevant journal articles.
  • Sells guidebooks about menopause for nonprofessionals.

Power Surge

  • 網站建置者: AOL/Time Warner, Oxygen Media, Thrive.
  • Online menopause support group.
  • Interviews with experts.
  • Chat area and message board.

Retirement Planning Ignores Mental Health

  • 網站建置者:
  • News release concerning 1999 research on the psychosocial adjustment difficulties of retired persons.

Simplicity Resource Guide

  • 網站建置者: Linda Breen Pierce.
  • Links to Web sites and bibliographies about simplifying ones life and thereby reducing stress.

Stress Management for Patient and Physician

  • 網站建置者: David B. Posen, M.D.; Internet Mental Health.
  • A 1995 journal article on stress management, with generally applicable suggestions for stress reduction such as using relaxation techniques, improving sleep, changing beliefs, etc.