Chapter 5 Section 2

  心理疾病診斷統計手冊與國際疾病代碼  DSM-IV and ICD-10 Codes


These sites are not individually reviewed because they are all just listings of categories and accompanying numerical classifications.

  評價網站  Evaluating Web Sites

APA dotComSense

  • 網站建置者: American Psychological Association.
  • 關於如何衡量在網路上所找到的健康資訊可信度的手冊,其中包括一些網路隱私權的秘訣。A brochure on how to evaluate the credibility of health information found on the Internet. Also includes some tips on Web privacy.
  • 可以PDF格式呈現或以整齊的形式提供個案分類。Can be printed out in .PDF format or ordered in printed form for client distribution.

Checklist for Evaluating Web Sites

  • 網站建置者: Canisius College.
  • 包括網頁內容清單及許多相關資源的連結。A checklist for Web  and many links to other similar resources.

  使用APA格式  Using APA Style

Electronic Reference Formats

  • 網站建置者: American Psychological Association.
  • 協助您引用電子郵件、網頁、網站中的特殊文件、來自電子資料庫的文章及理論、網頁原文。Help on citing e-mail, Web sites, specific documents in Web sites, articles and abstracts from electronic databases, and Web citations in text.

Proposed Standard for Referencing Online Documents in Scientific Publications

  • 網站建置者: T. Land.
  • 線上參考APA文件格式。Information for referencing online documents in APA style.

  從網站中尋找資訊  Finding Information on the Web

1. 搜尋引擎及實用資料Search Engines and Helpful Programs

Copernic Multiple Search Software

  • 網站建置者: Copernic Technologies.
  • 此免費軟體讓你針對相同主題,同時搜尋多個搜尋引擎。專業版本的軟體現在只需您付出微薄的代價。免費版則能提供大多數民眾的需求。This free software lets you search many search engines at the same time with one query. A professional edition is for sale at a nominal cost. The free version will suffice for the vast majority of people.


  • 網站建置者:
  • 只要單一指令便能進階搜尋的引擎。Queries multiple search engines with a single search request.

Northern Light

  • 網站建置者: Northern Light Technologies.
  • Northern Light categorizes material from more than 5,400 sources---not just Web sites. Their Search Alert Service ?will send subscribers e-mail when new Web sites are posted or content is added to their Special Collection of materials that matches individual preferences. Special content may be purchased for a nominal cost; this is a great place to go to locate hard-to-find subjects.

Yahoo! List of Search Engines

  • 網站建置者: Yahoo!
  • Probably the most comprehensive listing of search engines/portals on the Web.

  幽默  Humor

Humor in Psychology

  • 網站建置者: The Psychology Department at the University of Pennsylvania.
  • A long (very long) list of jokes, limericks, and bumper stickers.

The Lighter Side of Psych

  • 網站建置者: Charlottes Web.
  • Well-organized section of some pretty funny stuff. For example: What do psychologists say to each other when they meet? Youre fine, how am I??/I>

The Many Faces of Dr. Katz

  • 網站建置者: Tom Snyder Productions and Comedy Central.
  • A complete listing of Dr. Katz episodes. Additional info on this popular series.

  管理式醫療  Managed Care

Managed Care Issues for Developmental Disabilities

  • 網站建置者: Institute on Disability, University of New Hampshire.
  • A reference guide for insurance issues
  • Includes a listserv and links to other sites that deal with managed care.

  智力與創造力  intelligence and Creativity

Creativity Web

  • 網站建置者: Charles Cave, Sydney, Australia.
  • Many resources for creativity and innovation.

Dr. Howard Gardner

  • 網站建置者: Fellows of Harvard College.
  • Theories of multiple intelligence.

Uncommonly Difficult IQ Tests

  • 網站建置者: Darryl Miyaguchi.
  • Lots of information on a variety of tests and links to many other sites that deal with intelligence in general.

  多媒體  Media

Self-Help Magazine

  • 網站建置者: Pioneer Development Resources.
  • An online educational publication written by mental health professionals for the discussion of general psychology as applied to our everyday lives. Includes more than 95 discussion forums.

Reuters Health

  • 網站建置者: Reuters Ltd., a global financial and news service.
  • Free daily news on health matters.