Chapter 4 Section 4

  毒理學(包括環境疾病)  Toxicology (Including Environmental Illness)

Amalgam Related Illnesses

  • 網站建置者: Leif Hedegard, a Swedish student of medicine and computer science.
  • Abstracts of articles that concern the medical effects of mercury amalgam dental fillings.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? Or Chronic Mercury Poisoning?

  • 網站建置者: Jeff Clark, who states that he suffers from chronic mercury poisoning.
  • News articles and personal narratives about the harmful effects of mercury amalgam dental fillings.

Find Your Poison Center

  • 網站建置者: American Association of Poison Control Centers.
  • Database of U.S. poison control centers, searchable by geographical directory or zip code.

LSU Toxicology Internet Resources

  • 網站建置者: Louisiana State University Libraries.
  • Links with brief descriptions of toxic substances, poisons, academic departments and institutes of toxicology, and relevant publications.


  • 網站建置者s: Lynda Hamilton, a person who has multiple chemical sensitivities; and Webgoddess, a Web page designer.
  • Many links to articles, films, periodicals, and treatment centers concerning multiple chemical sensitivities.

Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

  • 網站建置者s: Gordon and Jacki, a couple from Florida who both suffer from multiple chemical sensitivities.
  • Lists the health risks of perfumes, fabric softeners, and other commonly used products.

Society of Toxicology Home Page

  • 網站建置者: Society of Toxicology, a nonprofit scientific society.
  • In addition to information about the society and its educational efforts, there is an extensive page of links to relevant professional associations, articles concerning lab and animal testing of chemicals, and other toxicology sites.

Teratology Society

  • 網站建置者: Teratology Society, a scientific society whose members study the causes of birth defects.
  • Has several pages of links to Web sites concerning specific birth defects, as well as to sites of scientific, charitable, and support organizations.

World Wide Subject Catalog: Toxicology

  • 網站建置者: University of Kentucky.
  • Many links to sources of information on toxic chemicals and hazardous substances.