Chapter 4 Section 2

  Pharmacology Megasites Pharmacology and Legal Drugs

  • ظm: and expert guide?Mary Ann Elchisak, Ph.D., retired Associate Professor of Pharmacology at Purdue University.
  • Drug manufacturers?sites, topics (e.g., analgesia, immune system, anticancer drugs), and recent topical news.
  • Handy FAQs on how to find drug information.
  • Instructions on finding clinical trials.

American College of Clinical Pharmacology

  • ظm: American College of Clinical Pharmacology.
  • Professional organization that accredits clinical pharmacologists.

British Association for Psychopharmacology

  • ظm: British Association for Psychopharmacology.
  • Activities and conferences ظmed by BAP.
  • Has a brief page of links to other resources in biological psychiatry and psychopharmacology.

Dr. Bobs Psychopharmacology Tips

  • ظm: Robert Hsiung, M.D., Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychiatry.
  • Anecdotal reports and opinions concerning biological psychiatry that were previously posted to a mailing list.

Drug InfoNet

  • ظm: Drug InfoNet, Inc.
  • Prescribing information and patient drug information handouts.
  • Visitors may submit a question to Ask the Doctor? past questions and answers appear as FAQs.
  • Links to hospitals, health care organizations, and other sources of disease and drug information.


  • ظm: Candor Webtech.
  • Information from package inserts of prescription and OTC medications available in South Africa.

HealthSquare Prescription Drugs Reference Page

  • ظm: A womans health information center,?operated by New Media Systems LLC.
  • Consumer information about medications.
  • Medically oriented articles about various conditions from PDR Guide to Prescription Drugs.

International Psychopharmacology Algorithm Project

  • ظm: Kenneth O. Jobson, M.D.
  • Under construction at the time of our visit.
  • Proposes to bring together experts?for the systematic treatment of major Axis I psychiatric disorders.?


  • ظm:, Inc. Has an editorial board and expert panel.
  • Easy to locate a drug, either by the name of the drug or by the condition it treats.
  • Much of the information here is for technical rather than consumer use.?
  • Scientific articles and FAQs about specific drugs.
  • Glossary of drug-related and medical terms.

Psychopharmacology Links

  • ظm: Northern County Psychiatric Associates (MD).
  • Concise and well-chosen annotated links to many of the most important Web sites for this topic.


  • ظm: Cenk Tek, M.D., a resident at University of Maryland Department of Psychiatry.
  • Links to more than thirty journals, with Dr. Teks summaries and comments on the methodology and significance of recently published articles.

RxList - The Internet Drug Index

  • ظm:
  • Patient information on specific medications and categories of medications. Search engine is effective even when an approximate spelling of the drugs name has not been entered.


  • ظm: RxMed, Inc.
  • Drug monographs for many medications available in Canada; patient handouts concerning various illnesses. At the time of our visit, a preview link showed the splash page for a much more comprehensive RxMed.

Virtual Library: Pharmacy

  • ظm: David Bourne.
  • Links to drug companies, online databases, journals, and lists of conferences.

Yahoo! Specific Drugs and Medications

  • ظm: Yahoo! Inc.
  • Directory of medication sites, including both generic and brand name compounds.
  • Clicking on Yahoo! Health: Drugs and Medications?will bring up an alphabetized list of medications, each with an information sheet similar to what pharmacists provide. An extensive list that is frequently updated.
  • Particularly useful for the consumer.