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  其他相關網址  Miscellaneous Sites of Interest

A Minor Consideration

  • 網站建置者: A Minor Consideration, a nonprofit association to support child actors.
  • Articles on the dilemmas faced by child actors and celebrities.

Administration on Developmental Disabilities

  • 網站建置者: Administration on Developmental Disabilities, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.
  • Describes the agencys programs, regulations, and outcomes; links to other Web sites concerning developmental disabilities.

The Behavior Home Page

  • 網站建置者s: Kentucky Department of Education; University of Kentucky Department of Special Education and Rehabilitation Counseling.
  • Detailed descriptions of behavioral interventions for classroom teachers to use when dealing with childrens behavior problems.
  • Discussion forum.

  • 網站建置者: Pinnacle Communications Group.
  • Information about causes of and treatments for drooling.

Family Village

  • 網站建置者: Family Village.
  • Extensive fact sheets and hyperlinks for specific disabilities.
  • Internet links to general information about disabilities.
  • This site is not frequently updated.

National Association of Developmental Disabilities Councils

  • 網站建置者: National Association of Developmental Disabilities Councils.
  • Describes the association.
  • Click on Resources File?for a list of printed materials and a few hyperlinks concerning developmental disabilities and the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Office of Special Education Programs

  • 網站建置者: U.S. Department of Education.
  • Lists current projects, funding opportunities, and updates to Federal regulations.
  • A few online brochures about general topics such as safe schools.

Shaken Baby Alliance

  • 網站建置者: Shaken Baby Alliance, which provides support to families of Shaken Baby Syndrome victims.
  • Victim advocacy and family support information.
  • Bibliography of medical articles and books.

Williams Syndrome Association

  • 網站建置者: Williams Syndrome Association, an information and support resource.
  • Describes Williams Syndrome and criteria for diagnosis.
  • Links to resources, related Web sites, educational approaches, and professional and parent conferences.

Williams Syndrome Comprehensive Web Site

  • 網站建置者: Williams Syndrome Foundation, which promotes training in the arts and music for people with Williams Syndrome.
  • FAQs about the disorder and many links for parents and professionals.
  • Detailed descriptions of camps for children with WS.

Williams Syndrome Foundation (UK)

  • 網站建置者: Williams Syndrome Foundation (UK), which promotes research and provides advocacy services.
  • FAQs on the disorder.
  • Summaries of recent research.
  • Detailed online versions of booklets concerning children and adults with WS.

Wrightslaw: Special Education Law and Advocacy

  • 網站建置者s: Pete Wright, an attorney with learning disabilities of his own who represents children with disabilities; Pam Wright, a psychotherapist who edits an online newsletter, The Special Ed Advocate.
  • Specific and highly useful information on how to advocate for the educational requirements of children with special needs.
  • Summaries of recent news items.
  • Includes links to relevant statutes and case law decisions.